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Gourmet Marshmallow Crispy Treats

Homemade quality, store bought convenience

Meet the Browned & Toasted Family of Flavor!

Soft and chewy

Our signature handcrafted Marshmallow makes our treats always soft and chewy with unmatched flavor.

Unique flavor

Our combination of premium ingredients delivers a special, satisfying taste that'll make you smile.

Real Fruits

We use freeze-dried and powdered fruits and fruit juices for maximum fruit punch!


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • (206) 778-3616
  • orders@brownedandtoasted.com
  • Are these rice crispy treats?

    They're something like that... we make our marshmallow and add browned grass-fed butter. And finally, we used science to determine the perfect amount of cereal.

  • You make your own marshmallow?

    Yes, we make our marshmallow from scratch using toasted sugar, light corn syrup and beef gelatin.

  • I love your treats. Where can I find more?

    During market season, find us in-person at farmers markets and events. Our 'find-us' page lists the retailers that carry our treats. Or... ORDER ONLINE! We ship and deliver.

  • Are these vegetarian?

    No, we use beef gelatin and browned butter.

  • Can't I make these at home?

    Of course you can. If you are willing to spend a few hours toasting sugar. You will also need to find the best pasture-raised butter for browning. Quality beef gelatin isn't sold in grocery stores, you can find it on Amazon, because you'll need to make your marshmallow.. or we can do the work and you can make your mouth happy.

  • Do your sprinkles have dyes, like Red No. 40?

    We use all-natural sprinkles that are free of all dyes and artificial colors.